What does a mobile mechanic do? How can you find a good one?

What does a mobile mechanic do? More mechanics offer mobile services, such as repairing or servicing your vehicle, and diagnosing and fixing any problems.

It begs the question: Does a mobile mechanic provide the same level service as a traditional garage?

We work with many mobile mechanics in Australia so we can give you all the details about what type of mechanic service and customer support you can expect when your car is repaired.

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What exactly is a mobile mechanic?

The clue is in the name. A mobile mechanic is a mechanic who comes to you in a van or truck with almost all the tools and equipment that you would find in a garage.

Mobile mechanics are able to perform a wide range of maintenance tasks, including inspections, warranty work, diagnostic work, repairs, and services. Mobile mechanics often have direct connections to parts suppliers, so they can obtain official parts as fast as traditional garages or workshops.

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Is it possible to provide car services without having to leave the premises?

If you are wondering how efficient a mobile mechanic could be, you are not the only one. After all, we all know what heavy-duty equipment and huge lifts can be found in a garage.

In reality, most mobile mechanics are capable of doing almost everything a garage would do. They don’t need as much storage space as a garage, and can store parts in one central location. Then they can bring the items they need to you.

The booking is made in advance. When the day arrives, the mobile mechanic will load all the necessary items into the van and then deliver it to you for inspection, logbook service, or repair.

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Mobile mechanics: Where are they needed?

A mobile mechanic can perform the same type of services as a garage, provided that there is enough space around your vehicle.

Although it might not be feasible to work at the busy roadside, this is more for safety purposes than anything. A mobile technician can provide roadside assistance for those who have broken down. They will either fix the problem quickly or recover your vehicle.

Is it possible for a mobile mechanic to perform a logbook service

Yes, generally speaking. A good mobile technician can perform all types of car servicing at your place, even a logbook.

The best thing about mobile mechanics is that they are likely to be much cheaper than an Offical car service.

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How do I find good mobile car repairs or servicing?

It’s easy, really. Let us do it. We’ll also do our best for you to save money when you do.

Auto Hero will show you local mechanic services when you book repairs or mechanical work. We have the same rules as our partner garages. This means that customers can feel confident they are getting the best possible car care without ever having to go to a shop.

Have questions? Keen to arrange a quote? Do you need a pre-purchase inspection? We only need a few details about you to be able to offer you the option of a variety of local mechanics or vehicle experts.