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Car A/C Maintenance Tips: Useful Guide

Car A/C Maintenance Tips: Useful Guide

AC is a great relief in the scorching heat, especially when you are driving. Driving in the summer heat can be exhausting if your Car A/C Maintenance is not working correctly.

AC is most needed in the summer and to use it regularly you need to know how to take care of car AC. Proper car ac maintenance makes sure that it runs smoothly and avoids you from having to spend an exorbitant cost of having it repaired at the last minute. Which is something we all want to avoid.

On an average summer day in India, the cabin temperature can rise to 60 degrees Celsius without ac. Air conditioning maintenance is crucial for smooth and comfortable drives in summer. You might be wondering how to maintain car ac and whether it’s easy,  this blog will cover it for you. Here are a few car ac maintenance tips that you can follow for a smooth running ac during the summer season.

Best Car AC Care Tips: Top Air Conditioner Care Tips

Here are the crucial bits you should know about your car’s air-conditioning system before you get it serviced.

To maintain your A/C, here are some easy car AC maintenance tips. Follow these tips to ensure the proper functioning of your ac.

Use it regularly

There is a misconception among Indians that using ac regularly may damage it. However, the opposite of this is true. Not using an ac regularly may damage the air conditioning system of your car. A well-running engine needs to be used daily for optimum performance. Similarly, your car’s AC if not used every day will not run properly and you might have to end up spending money on it for servicing.

Use it regularly despite the weather conditions. Use it at least once a week for 10-15 minutes. This will make sure that the ac does not accumulate dirt and the car ac cooling functions efficiently.

Check refrigerant level

The air blown out of the AC keeps your car cool, and this air is cooled with the help of a refrigerant. Checking the refrigerant level is essential and a must item in the car AC maintenance checklist. Make sure that when you are going in for car ac maintenance, you ask the mechanic to check the refrigerant as well. This is because a lot of cooling-related issues also arise because of the inefficiency of the refrigerant.

Bring mechanics’ notice to check the optimal refrigerant level as the regular service schedule does not include this.

Regular servicing for AC is a must

Machines need regular servicing and proper maintenance to run smoothly. There is a chance that you might miss out on asking for your car air conditioner maintenance.

Your ac also needs adequate servicing. Ensure you take your car to the mechanic regularly and get servicing for your ac on regular periods. This will also increase the longevity of the machine.

Nowadays, a specialised air conditioning car service is provided at many garages. Car air conditioner repair is also necessary in case of any severe damage.

Replace cabin air filter regularly

A clogged filter is one of the main reasons for AC-related issues in the car. The cabin air filter traps the dust particles and pollutants that come from outside in your car’s cabin. Low maintenance of cabin filters may result in its clogging with dust and contaminants, and it will start retaining moisture also. This dust retention can turn your cabin filter into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

The air filter of your air conditioner should be changed every year. This also depends on the type of vehicle you use and the conditions you drive in. So, ensure that you check your air filter for the car ac cooling to work smoothly.

Avoid pre-cooling your vehicle

While it might sound very blissful to start your drive with your car’s cabin being nice and cool, this is one thing you should avoid. Only turn on your car’s AC once you have turned on your ignition. Because your car ac cooling system will work much better once the engine has turned on. Plus, you don’t end up wasting any more of your gas.

Get your AC regularly checked and maintained

Sure, your car’s AC might be working well without any major problems. But what if there are some issues that you don’t know of or miss? This is why, regular car air conditioner maintenance is a must.  A professional will be able to spot the issues that might arise in the future and cause any problems in your vehicle.

Learn to use the Air conditioning system in the correct way

For proper air conditioner maintenance, learn to use the air conditioning system in a good way. Care can’t guarantee a long life of your ac if you do not operate it smartly.

Wherever you enter the car, lower down the glass and turn on the fan blower with a fresh air dial setting to allow the fresh air in your car. This will release the hot and warm air outside and will regulate the inside temperature.

After a few minutes, shut the windows and let the AC regulate the cabin’s temperature. Once the weather becomes optimal, turn the dial from fresh air to recirculating air and reduce the fan speed.

Follow proper steps when you use your car’s AC so that it can function properly. Here are a few important points that you must keep in mind when operating your car:

Shut down everything

This might not look relevant to many, but it is a very crucial step. Turning off everything in order is essential. The aircon should be turned off first then followed by the ignition. You can let the fan move after switching off the ac to ensure evaporation. This will save your car from turning into a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you follow the proper steps and don’t exit your car in a hurry to prevent any reduction in your car’s AC and its functioning.

Parking in shade

Regularly using ac is suitable for car AC maintenance but overusing is also bad for it. Park your car in the shade to avoid overheating the cabin. As the cabin temperature can rise quickly in the summer, parking it in shade can ensure that this does not happen.

Overheating of the car can damage the engine. Parking the car in the shade will prevent it from excessive heating and help maintain the car’s optimal temperature.

Ventilate your car

Just like parking your car in the shade, ventilating your car is also important. Leave your windows down and doors open and let the car run for a bit on idle. This will cool down the temperature of your car. Besides other car AC tips, remember proper ventilation is necessary for you and your car’s health. Intake and exhaust of the air will maintain an optimal temperature inside the vehicle.


A clean car air conditioner is also a must for a hygienic environment and proper car AC maintenance. Maintaining your car’s AC is not very hard. All it needs is proper and careful looking after and it should save you from an expensive trip to your mechanic for servicing.

Pay attention to other essential factors like gas filling, blower cleaning, condenser, and Compressor for a long and healthy life of your car ac.

The condenser circulates the whole gas, and to maintain its chillness, blower cleaning and compressors are also crucial. This will not just efficiently run the car ac cooling but also contribute to the overall health of your car.

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