Pregnant Women

A Canadian study has revealed that women are more likely to be in serious car accidents during their second trimester. Researchers found that women’s chances of being involved in a traffic accident during their second trimester increased by 42 percent compared to pre-pregnancy. It dropped again in the third trimester. This is an unusual and surprising pattern.

Study shows pregnant women are at risk on the roads

Although experts aren’t sure why this happens, the results are quite clear. Women who are pregnant should be aware of this and take extra care behind the wheel. This is not a reason for you to abandon driving, but it is an indication that you should be alert.

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These findings do not support women giving the wheel of their car to their husbands while they are pregnant. Despite the 42% increase in risk for women during their second trimester, men are still more likely than women to be involved in an accident.

The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal of CMAJ on May 12, 2012. It is based upon records from more than 500,000 Canadian women. The study’s drivers gave birth between 2006-2011. The rate at which serious accidents occurred during pregnancy was examined by researchers.

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Pre-pregnancy crashes averaged 4.5 per 1000 women annually. The numbers for the first trimester were very similar. However, it increased to 7.7 per 1000 in the first month of the second. It dropped again in the third trimester.

The second trimester leap was equal among all income brackets, ages, and education levels. It didn’t change with the seasons.

Researchers aren’t sure what caused this phenomenon, so it’s difficult to directly blame pregnancy. The third trimester decrease in accident rates seems to have further disorientated them.

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It is possible that pregnant drivers experience haziness behind a wheel due to fatigue, stress, or hormones. This could lead to accidents. This trimester’s women are able to go about their normal activities without being affected by any of the more visible physical changes that come with pregnancy. However, there is no evidence to support this theory.

Safe driving while pregnant

It doesn’t matter why accidents are more common in pregnant women during certain trimesters, it is important to encourage safe driving. Experts don’t know what causes women in their second trimester to be at greater risk. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t avoid wrecks.

Pregnant women should be aware of the importance of adhering to speed limits, slowing down at stop signs, yielding and minimising distractions. It’s a great time to ensure your vehicle has the necessary safety features. These are the Olathe Toyota Parts blog.

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