Simple Mods and Accessories That Increase Vehicle Safety

Driving is both a blessing as well as a curse. Driving allows people to travel long distances in a relatively short time. The curse is that you must drive knowing that accidents can happen at any moment.

Although it may sound bleak, a National Highway Traffic Association study found that 25% of Americans were involved in car accidents over the course of five years. Although you cannot predict when you might be involved in an accident, there are ways to reduce the chance of you being in one.

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Accessory Accessories

Is your car a pack rats den? Are there any items lying around your car’s rear seats or behind the dash? You may need storage accessories if you answered yes to any of these questions. If you crash your car or hit the brakes, loose items can quickly become projectiles and shoot through it. An item as small and as simple as a water bottle can cause injury to an occupant of the vehicle.

This problem can be solved by buying storage accessories for your car. Car storage organizers can cost anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the brand and type. There are three main options for car storage organizers: trunk, visor or back seat organizer.

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Pillow or Pad

Do you have a problem with your vertical vision? Are you able to see well enough to use your eyes for steering? Your height could affect your safety when driving if you answer yes to both of these questions. Shorter people (4’10”-5’4″):

You may experience larger blind spots because they are located lower in your car.
Air bags can cause injury to your skin. Air bags can inflate at speeds of 120-200 miles an hour. If the driver or passengers are too close, the force of the inflation can cause severe injuries and bruises to the ribs.
A pad or pillow can be used to elevate the driver and eliminate any blind spots.

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Fog Lights

Fog is a road hazard that certain locations can’t avoid. Fog is dangerous because it obscures your vision. Fog can be dangerous as it reduces your ability to see around you while driving. If fog lights are installed correctly, they can help you see farther than regular headlights.

Because they shine directly into fog, regular headlights have very little effect on your ability see around you. The light from your headlight reflects off the water particles in the fog and can reduce visibility.

Fog lights can be installed on or under the bumper. Fog lights are placed so that they shine down on the road. Fog hovers 12-18 inches above the road. This means that the fog light will not be reflected, which will increase your vision.

Window Tint

Window tint is one way to increase your safety. Window tint is made up of strong polyester and metallic coatings. The adhesive is used to attach it to your car’s windows. After it has been applied, the window tint is ready to be used.

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The amount of light that is allowed into your vehicle will reduce glare. You will be able to see better when driving in poor weather conditions.
Reduces heat entering the vehicle through the windows. If your vehicle doesn’t have air conditioning, this can help prevent heat exhaustion on long summer car rides.
Window tint should be strong enough to block light and heat from entering your windows. Too strong window tint can block out light at night. Many states have window tinting laws. Respecting these laws will ensure safe window tinting and your safety.