What You Need to Know About Car Window Tinting

If you are familiar with what to expect, car window tinting can be a great addition to your vehicle. Many car owners don’t spend the time to look into the various options for window tinting. Either they choose the wrong company, or they try to apply it at home. Stuart (FL) was our first location, which opened during the 2007 recession. Our business survived the Jupiter window tinting with great determination and hard work. We opened our first store in Jupiter (FL) in 2011. A year later, we opened a second location in West Palm Beach (FL). The incredible success of those stores led us to decide to expand across states and open our fourth store at Suwanee (GA) in 2014.

These car owners are left with an ugly application. Bad applications can end up costing car owners more than twice as much, since they must be removed completely and reapplied.

This article will help you choose the right window tint for your vehicle. We also discuss the importance to find the best window tinting company for professional applications. For the best window tinting application for your car, continue reading.

Make Your Drive More Comfortable

Car window tinting offers added comfort when you are driving. The best tint for windows protects your eyes and skin from the harmful UV rays. It can block over 99% of the UV rays.

Skin cancer is most often caused by UV radiation. Skin cancer is more common if you are frequently exposed to the sun. It is important to block out the sun as much as possible using sunscreen, sunglasses, and window tinting.

Tinting your car’s windows can also be used to repel heat. Your car will be cooler during hot summer days. Your car’s air conditioner will not have to work as hard, and could last for longer.

Protect Your Interior

Tinting your car’s windows can make it more comfortable. The colors will fade as the interior is exposed to the sun. If your leather interior is not properly cared for, it may crack or dry out.

Your car’s interior is just as damaged by the sun as your skin. Your car’s interior will last longer if it has the best window tint. It reflects some of the sun, UV rays and heat. Window tinting can last a long time, depending on what type you use, how it is applied, and how well you take care of it.

There are many types of window tints

There are four types of window tints available: ceramic, metallic, carbon and dyed. Ceramic window tinting can be more expensive than dyed, but it is the most affordable. Ceramic car window tinting offers the best UV protection.

Carbon and metallic auto window tinting options are middle-of the-road. Metallic window tinting can prevent your window glass shattering from breaking if it breaks. This can help minimize any damage caused by an accident. Carbon car tinting can be bought with a matte or durable finish.

The best window tinting depends on what you are looking for, how much you can afford, the durability you desire, and what look you prefer. The window tinting company will help you choose the right kind for your car.


You should know that auto window tinting can affect your visibility before you start your search for “window tinting near my location”. If you choose a tint too dark, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Talk to your window tinting company about your options for darker tints.

To avoid blind spots, it is important to strike a balance between too much tint and not enough. Window tint is calculated using a percentage of darkness. 0% is not tinted and 100% is opaque (not transparent). The most common percentage of window tint is 35%.

There are legal requirements

Make sure to understand the laws in your state before you work with a window tinting company. Window tinting laws and percentages are different in every state. It’s crucial to research your options in order to avoid getting a ticket.

Your windshield cannot be tinted in Florida. Tinting your windshield can only be done if the windows allow at least 28% light through. Standard vehicles can have the rear windshield or rear side windows tinted at 15%.

Do-it-yourself window tinting is not recommended

It is tempting to save money on auto-window tinting. We recommend that you do not attempt to tint your car at home if you don’t have any experience. Window tints that are too cheap or poorly applied will not last.

DIY-ers often discover that their window tint is cracked and peeling over time. The entire window must be removed and the tint replaced if it does. It’s expensive to have the tint installed twice as often or to hire a professional.

Locate a professional

It’s easy to find window tinting companies near you, but it’s not so easy to find the right one. It is important to work with someone who will find the best fit for your car and needs. They provide the best products and window tinting services.

To find out if the company is reputable, take some time to read customer reviews. You can also take advantage of free estimates. You will get the best window tint possible that will last for many years if you do your research.